Parklands offers a unique kindergarten program which is governed by Montessori principles and practices for three and four year olds. Children may start when they turn three, and continue into the two-year program as four-year-olds.

Kindergarten at Parklands encourages children to be responsible for their own learning and to seek help from one another as well as from adults. Montessori practical life activities channel each child's natural enthusiasm and curiosity into real life skills to encourage independence and responsibility.

Through a balance of freedom and discipline, children develop respect for themselves, others and the community. Over time a cheerful, cohesive social community emerges in the classroom. Each child follows his interest and works at his own pace free from competition, compulsion and grading. Self-discipline, respect, patience, persistence and concentration - vital lifelong learning dispositions - develop as a result and prepare children well for the new school environments they encounter when they move into pre-primary.

Three-year-old (pre-kindergarten) children attend two mornings a week and four-year-olds attend two and a half days per week. Each group has a maximum of 16 students with two staff present at all times.  

Three- and four-year-old kindergarten are our preferred entry points for enrolment into the school. Places for pre and kindergarten places are popular and highly sought after, and priority will be given to families who intend to stay through the two-year pre-kindergarten and kindergarten program and into the primary school.

For more information please see the Enrolments Tab.  Enrolment in Kindergarten is considered as an enrolment into the  School.

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