Pre-primary to year 6



new classroom

In pre-primary and primary classes at Parklands students are encouraged to take an active part in their own learning. They thrive in mixed age groupings, and are encouraged to explore learning opportunities both within and outside the classroom.

We believe that contact with nature is crucial for students' development, and we strive to create outdoor spaces which challenge and support their learning, both academic and social/relational. Recent additions include landscaping of the pre-primary and kindergarten areas, and a tree-house in the main playground.


We have also recently built a brand new purpose-built pre-primary classroom which has much natural light and large double doors to facilitate children moving inside and outside throughout their day. All the primary classes have easy access to the outdoors, as well as kitchen facilities and a range of other facilities indoors.

One of the things you will notice when you first enter the playground is the quality of the play of all the students. There is a vitality, joy and freedom for students as they enjoy playing with friends across the age ranges. Our school culture is based on cultivating the development of respectful relationships. We encourage students to learn to identify and express their needs, and take responsibility to get them met. The one guiding principle is for students to learn to make choices that meet their needs without getting in the way of anyone else. Staff support this process by listening to students and encouraging them to listen to one another.

At Parklands we value academic excellence and dedicate the whole morning of every school day to literacy and numeracy focus.

In 2017 we are offering two academic scholarships to students to encourage and foster scholastic excellence. These are available both to students currently enrolled and to new enrolments, and will be based on the criteria of previous academic results and aptitude for studies. Please contact the school for applications and further information.

Students are encouraged to work to fulfil their own potential, and are given assistance in the form of expert and gentle teaching, quality resources, and individual programmes and attention where appropriate.

Students have weekly sessions of specialist learning, including Italian, Art, Music and sport. The senior class has weekly off-campus sport sessions,including surfing, hockey and tennis.