Parklands' unique kindergarten program is governed by Montessori principles and practices for three and four year olds. Children may start when they turn three and continue into the two year programme as four year olds.

Kindergarten at Parklands encourages children to be responsible for their own learning and to seek help from one another as well as from adults. Montessori practical life activities channel each child's natural enthusiasm and curiosity into real life skills to encourage independence and responsibility.

Through a balance of freedom and discipline, children develop respect for themselves, others and the community. Over time a cheerful, cohesive community emerges in the classroom. Each child follows his or her interest and works at his or her own pace free from competition, compulsion and grading. Self-discipline, respect, patience, persistence and concentration - vital lifelong dispositions - develop as a result and prepare children well for the new school environments they encounter when they move into Pre Primary.


2020 Kindergarten Students

Will attend three full days each week, attending 8.30am-3.10pm

Kindergarten days will be Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

2020 Pre-Kindergarten Students

Attend either two half days or one full day per week.

Half days: Either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday, attending 8.30am-11.45am.


One full day: Thursday, attending 8.30am-3.10pm.

2020 Playgroup

We are mindful of the need for planned transitions for our youngest children and their parents. From 2020 the Playgroup will share some time each week in the Kindergarten room. This will enable children to experience a 0-3 Montessori program and give our playgroup parents opportunities to network with the staff while in the room.

Playgroup will be held on Thursday morning from 9.00am-11.00am.