Parklands is proud of its dedicated and caring Teaching Staff.  They are highly regarded for their outstanding ability and commitment to care for the academic, emotional and social needs of students. Gentle, effective and respectful teaching across all areas of the school is our signature.

Staff at Parklands model lifelong learning as adults. We are proud of the commitment by staff to regularly access excellent professional learning through the Association of Independent Schools in Western Australia. This enables us to stay abreast of the constant changes in education and to model best practice in education.  Regular planning together allows consistency and smooth flow for students as they move from class to class across the School.

Parklands currently employs Staff in both Teaching and Non-­Teaching roles, including specialist teachers in Italian and Music. All classrooms have a Teacher and an Education Assistant, which enables small group work and more individual attention for each student. Our student to teacher ratio is amongst the lowest in Albany. Being a small school enables all the staff to know every student, which creates a safe, supportive learning environment for all.

We value our staff highly, recognising their impressive commitment to the life and values of the School.